Authentic Hardwood Yoga Props is a manufacturer and retailer of a full line of high quality yet affordable Iyengar Style wood yoga props.  We offer shipping of our entire product line to all parts of the United States as well as destinations beyond.  Specific items include durable Studio Blocks, Quarter Rounds, Slant Boards, Wedges, Calf Stretchers, Meditation Benches, Halasana Benches, Setu Bandha Benches, Viparita Karani Boxes, Pavanmukta Asana Benches, Simhasana Boxes, Stools, Viparita Dandasana Benches (Back Benders), and Trestles (Horses).

With the exception of our Studio Blocks, all product is constructed using Poplar, a very stable hardwood.  Our Studio Blocks are produced using woods harder than Poplar to increase both durability and life span.  The exact hardwood used for these blocks varies based on market conditions.  However, red oak is an example of a wood often used in the construction of our wood blocks.  Our current stock of blocks is constructed from Natural Birch.

Unless otherwise noted, all product is furnished unfinished (not stained, painted, or top coated).  Wood finishes serve two main purposes.  The first is to enhance the beauty of the wood and the second more important purpose is to provide protection.  Over time both oxidation and oils from our skin generally combine to not only bring out the beauty of the wood used in our products in a natural way but to also protect our products from their normal intended use.  While we do have the ability to price finishing as an option, we actually recommend using our product unfinished.  Here in Colorado we have studios which have successfully utilized our Wood Blocks as well as the other items in our product line for decades.  In addition, our product has also been used for extended periods of time in more humid climates such as New York City and Florida.

While we are still working on the specification and pricing information page of our website, we do have this information readily available and can easily email it upon request, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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